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It is an inevitable rule that the generations come and go but the people are immortal. Their language is also immortal if the people do not turn their backs on it. The language is transferred from the generation to the generation and thanks to it these generations are called a nation: the language indicates to the egoity of the people.

The knowledge and experience of the previous generation are transferred to the next generation through the language. Otherwise the development of the culture would be impossible.

Naturally, everyone loves his language, loves his mother tongue. It is also natural to treat the other language with respect as the other language is someone’s mother tongue.

If anyone does not love his own language, he cannot respect the other language as all the languages are the same for him. He is a cosmopolitan and not an internationalist.

The Georgian literature is rich. It is a great power of our culture if the reader and first of all the young generation treat it properly.



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